Goodwill Revamp Aims To Usher Store Into Current Century

Goodwill Revamp Aims To Usher Store Into Current Century
Photo: Amy Stephenson/Hoodline
By Amy Stephenson - Published on June 18, 2014.
You may have noticed that a large swath of the Goodwill has gone missing. Don't be alarmed. 
On Monday, a bevy of Goodwill employees were spotted carting out fixtures and footlockers full of merchandise into waiting trucks. By the end of the day, fully two-thirds of the space was empty and cordoned off with caution tape. What little merchandise is left is now squished onto the far wall, where the housewares normally live. 

It turns out that the Haight Street store is in line for a series of cosmetic upgrades to the interior and exterior of the space, including new floors, new fixtures, and a new facade out front. They tell us they'll be open the whole time, albeit with extremely reduced stock, and that the whole thing should be completed in a few months. 

As you know, stepping into the Goodwill is sort of like stepping into the 90s, decor-wise, not to mention that the overhead signs no longer correlate in any way to where things are actually located in the store. Whatever they do will go a long way, we're sure. 

In the meantime, the folks at Cantata coffee next door have a lot of banging to look forward to. Tip them generously; they all have headaches.