The New Look Of Hayes Valley, In Your Words

The New Look Of Hayes Valley, In Your Words
By Rose Garrett - Published on August 13, 2014.
In recent months, we've done a lot of reporting on new housing developments, buildings, and other notable changes to the visual and architectural landscape of the neighborhood. And our readers have not been shy about voicing their opinions. 
Today, we give you a refresher on a few of the projects headed to Hayes Valley, as well as a sample of what you and your fellow readers have had to say about them.

 On the recently released renderings for the 9-story residential building that will take the space currently occupied by Flax Art & Design (above):

"This is an example of the absolutely worst architecture in city history."
"The new brutalism wins again!"
"S.O.S. as in Same Old Shit"
"I think my cat could design something more appealing than this ..."
"What a monstrosity."
"Better this than something like Linea. I like its restraint."

On the new art installation headed soon to Patricia's Green:

"The same school of sculpture that brought us the Justin Herman Plaza and Civic Center fountains."
"... a toddler could make a better sculpture!"
"Kinda looks like a still image from a colonoscopy."
"Any public art that creates an emotional reaction and makes people look up from their smart phone is ok with me."

On development plans for 55 Laguna, the 5.8-acre, 2-block site bounded by Laguna, Buchanan, Haight and Hermann:

"Glad to see this space finally being put to use."
"Sweet lord, that looks great ..."
"For a while, the historic commission was riding the developers to create something architecturally interesting. Alas."
"This feels like good progress."

On the "micro apartments" headed to Octavia and Lily, and the future Octavia corridor renderings in general (pictured at the top of the page):

"Those "micro-apartments" look like pure hell."
"I think jail cells are bigger than that ..."
"Now, this is starting to look like a real city!"

On the mixed-use building headed to Octavia and Page, with potential beer hall component:

"Looks like the old Jack Tar Hotel ... without the colors."
"Whoever drew that rendering is smoking crack."
"Hooray for beer!

Emerald Fund

On 101 Polk (at Hayes),  the planned 13-story building that's now under construction:

"A rather ho-hum building, but more exciting than a parking lot."

With developers snapping up properties and new architectural renderings popping up left and right, there are sure to be more changes to Hayes Valley's landscape in the coming years. (For a look back in time, check out what Hayes Valley looked like in the 90s.) 

But how exactly to categorize the new look of the neighborhood as a whole? Is it, as some readers have suggested, a nod to neo-Brutalism? A trend towards a shiny and luxurious look, as real estate prices balloon? An "unbearable ocean of sameness"?

Consider this your Hayes Valley architectural open thread. We trust you'll chime in with your comments.