Bay Area/ San Francisco
Published on August 05, 2014
Haight Street Welcomes Diamond Supply Co. And CukuiPhoto: Amy Stephenson/Hoodline
Two of our three new urban streetwear shops opened their doors this past weekend, with both Diamond Supply Co. and Cukui opening for business (the last is Fresh Apparel, which is still forthcoming). Naturally, we stopped in to check out the two new additions. 

Diamond Supply Co., located at Pure Beauty's former address (1560 Haight), opened on Saturday, and if you were around on Friday afternoon, you might have seen an extremely dedicated group of fans waiting outside in camp chairs.  

When we stopped in, the store was bustling, and much bigger than we expected. 

You can find the above t-shirt at Diamond Supply Co., along with others like it. The t-shirts, varsity-style jackets, and hoodies are in the $30-$100 range. The sneakers will run you $70-$120. 

The store also carries a range of diamond-themed accessories like belts, gloves, housewares, keychains, and more. 


Next, we headed over to Cukui, which is nestled in CeX's old spot next to Trax (1439 Haight). As we noted earlier, the store is selling Hawaiian-inspired urban wear. Think lots of sharks and hats that say, "Stay Rooted."

It was a little emptier—both in terms of stock, and of customers—than Diamond Supply, but it did have this way-cool photo wall, which is definitely worth staring at for a few minutes. 

Haight Street, always a prime destination for apparel shopping, is now surely the reigning champion of urban streetwear in the city. Stop in and say hello to welcome the two additions to the neighborhood.