Lower Haight Restaurants In The News

Lower Haight Restaurants In The News
Dishes from Emmanuel Cafe. Photo: Andrew Dudley / Hoodline
By Andrew Dudley - Published on February 28, 2015.

A few local eateries garnered some buzz this week, with press mentions, menu changes, and strong reviews from critics and customers alike.

First up, Emmanuel Cafe (488 Haight), which opened earlier this month, got a big nod from SF Weekly writer Pete Kane this week. Kane dubs the Salvadoran/Yucatan cafe "the best possible successor" to Cuco's, raving about dishes like the cochinita pibil and praising the remodel of the space. The unpretentious Emmanuel is "exactly the kind of business that’s becoming a rarity in a neighborhood like the Lower Haight," Kane writes.

Meanwhile, the Chronicle's Paolo Lucchesi posted a story this week about the challenges that online delivery companies like Postmates and Caviar pose to local restaurants. The article specifically cites Wing Wings (422 Haight) as one of the businesses with mixed feelings about such services. While they make for a more convenient experience for customers, they create a middleman between restaurants and the people they serve. As Wing Wings owner Christian Ciscle is quoted, "It’s a bigger disconnect from the customer... but it’s the ultimate convenience.”

For the first time in 15 years, they claim, the good folks at Memphis Minnie's (576 Haight) have overhauled their menu. In addition to now serving rolls that are baked fresh daily, the restaurant has added more flexibility to its menu options. You can now order meat by the pound, for example, and side dishes are available in three different sizes. 

Speaking of menu updates, Choux (248 Fillmore) is rolling out two new flavors of cream puffs tomorrow. One, apparently, will be smores — you'll just have to swing by to find out the other. 

And finally, while we haven't seen any "official" reviews of the new sushi fusion restaurant Nara (518 Haight) yet, the early word from customers is overwhelmingly positive. Since opening about three weeks ago, the restaurant has earned a solid 5-star rating on Yelp, for what that's worth, with commenters exuding about the menu, the space, and the staff.

Have you tried Nara or Emmanuel yet? Have thoughts on these or other fine Lower Haight establishments? Let us know in the comments.