Seniore's Suffers Silly Sign Snafu

Seniore's Suffers Silly Sign Snafu
By Stephen Jackson - Published on February 28, 2015.

The long-anticipated replacement for Acme Burgerhaus at 559 Divisadero has run into a small hurdle on its path to opening.

Evidently, the team creating signage for the upcoming Seniore's Pizza outpost got a little sloppy, and a possessive letter was misplaced in the rush to roll out Divisadero’s newest pizza destination.

As you can see in the photo above, taken by Twitterer Paul Tognetti, the trailing "S" in "SENIORE'S" has been erroneously tacked onto the end of the word "PIZZA," resulting in the mangled "SENIORE' PIZZAS."

We can only hope that topping decisions will be made with greater discernment. Either way, we’re excited for the pies, salads, and wings the place promises to deliver when it finally opens — whenever that might be.