Steve Jobs Biopic Filming At Opera House, Davies Symphony Hall

Steve Jobs Biopic Filming At Opera House, Davies Symphony Hall

Photo: Andy Reitz/Twitter

By Rose Garrett - Published on February 26, 2015.

If you've passed through the Civic Center area in the past couple days, you've probably noticed signs that a Hollywood production has moved in. 

As noted on Twitter, filming at the Opera House is in full swing, and Lauren Machado of the city's Film Office has confirmed to us that it is indeed a shoot for the new Steve Jobs biopic, which stars Michael Fassbender (as Jobs), Seth Rogen (as Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak), and Kate Winslet (as as Apple marketing mainstay Joanna Hoffman).

Notably, the screenplay was written by Aaron Sorkin of The West Wing fame, who clearly wasn't done with exploring the early days of Silicon Valley tech giants after his 2010 Facebook profile The Social Network.

Today and for the coming weeks, filming will continue at the Opera House and Davies Symphony Hall, and although Machado couldn't give details on the content of the shoot, avid Apple historians will remember some notable product reveals happening in the area in the late '80s, particularly the unveiling of the NeXT Computer System in 1988, which also served as Jobs' reentry onto the scene after a bitter departure from Apple. 

Set to last until April, Machado says a bulk of the San Francisco filming will take place in the Civic Center area, with most of it in March. "It will be hard to miss," she says, noting that extras in late '80s garb, period cars, and some street closures will be noticeable in the area in the weeks to come. Parking will be impacted, she concedes, but notes that it will be temporary.

Let us know in the comments if you see Fassbender, Rogen, and Winslet out and about in the neighborhood. The movie is targeting an October 2015 release date.