'Pink Saturday' Out, 'Pink Party' In

'Pink Saturday' Out, 'Pink Party' In

Photo: torbakhopper / flickr

By Brian Ray - Published on April 24, 2015.

As we reported earlier this week, one of SF Pride's long-running events, Pink Saturday, was in need of a new name. The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, who had put on the event for more than 20 years on their own time and dime, chose to no longer be involved, and decided that the name "Pink Saturday" would not be available for use by the event's new organizer, The San Francisco LGBT Center.

The event was not to remain nameless for long. Yesterday, Ruth McFarlane, Programs Director for the LGBT Center, told the Bay Area Reporter that the event will now be called "Pink Party."

Organizers ran the name by the Sisters and both parties approve of the new name. The BAR also reports that the Sisters will be putting on a new version of "Pink Saturday" in 2016 at a new location.

We'll have more details on Pink Party closer to the June 27th event. In the meantime, check out some of the alternate names for the event that readers suggested earlier this week:

  • "SaturGay Night F(or)ever"
  • "AfterDyke"
  • "Bridge and Tunnel Pride"
  • "Pride Shitshow"
  • "Honkey Hetero Saturday Evening (please go away at 8pm) in the Castro"
  • "Saturday Night Fervor"
  • "Pride Day Night"
  • "Pride Saturday"
  • "Parade Saturday"
  • "Punk Saturday"
  • "TeenTown Tussle"
  • "The Purge"
  • "Trash-Stro Party"
  • "Haight Ashbury Saturday"
  • "Scott Wiener for Senate Saturday"
  • "Fuchsia/Magenta Saturday"
  • "The Saturday, formerly known as Pink"

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