Cyclist Injured In Collision At Haight & Steiner

Cyclist Injured In Collision At Haight & Steiner
Photo: Andrew Dudley/Hoodline
By Rose Garrett - Published on October 12, 2015.

Last night, we reported on two cyclist/vehicle collisions in the FiDi/Embarcadero area, one of them fatal. But yet another cyclist was injured last night, this time at Haight & Steiner.

Details are scarce, but tweets indicate that the cyclist was bleeding and taken away in an ambulance after the collision, which occurred shortly before 9pm. Twitter user Tiffany wrote that the bike sped through the traffic light and struck a car which was stopped to make a left turn, although that has not been verified. The intersection was blocked off following the incident.

We've contacted SFPD for further information, and will update if and when we learn more about what happened and the status of the cyclist. 

Update: Witness Tiffany chimed in in our comments section with this account:

I heard a large thump, sounded like (what I thought to be) a small fender bender and saw the bicyclist sprawled out on Haight St (in front of Edo) with his bike busted in front of the realtors' office on the other side of the street. The black SUV was still in the intersection, pointing toward Steiner, the driver rushed to the side of the bicyclist.

Per multiple sources who saw, he ran a red light, full speed down Steiner (towards Duboce). Meaning, the driver was waiting to make a left turn onto Haight. All witnesses attest that the bicyclist ran * into * the car. He was conscious after the collision, but clearly his face was injured.