TL Week: Elephant Sushi Debuts, Tselogs Cometh, Frisco Disco, More

TL Week: Elephant Sushi Debuts, Tselogs Cometh, Frisco Disco, More
Photo: Christopher Michel/flickr
By Brittany Hopkins - Published on December 04, 2015.

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Before we jump into this weekend's to-dos, here are a few top stories you may have missed.

Just in time for rain, Mayor Ed Lee made an appearance yesterday at St. Anthony's to launch a new city agency focused squarely on homelessness. In addition to divulging details on the agency's mandate, he urged the police department to step up enforcement on drug dealers targeting homeless shelters and challenged the city's criminal justice leaders to rethink programs like 5150 involuntary psychiatric holds. Read our story, here, and stay tuned for how all that talk actually pans out. 

With 2015 coming to a swift end, we scanned the neighborhood's empty lots and dilapidated buildings and rounded up a swath of residential development projects that should break ground or wrap up the planning process in 2016. While we brought you the latest and greatest updates on these sites, it will be interesting to see if the potential adoption of the proposed Affordable Housing Bonus Program will entice any of these developers to scale up in height and affordable housing.

Speaking of affordable housing, Beyond Chron warns that the demise of the Tenderloin's affordable housing stock may actually come from foreign students — not techies. While the city has enacted protections to keep SRO owners from converting their buildings to tourist hotels, many in the area are shifting their sights toward foreign students for short-term stays, a practice that looks to be on the up and up.

Now, let's talk business.

If you haven't already, meet Barber Walter, an ambitious entrepreneur opening a man cave/barber shop on the edge of the Tenderloin.

We came across some evidence this week that Tselogs, the popular Filipino tapas diner in Daly City, may be planning a new location here in the Tenderloin. Looking at the Daly City establishment's current hours, that could mean the neighborhood will soon have one more late-night eatery.

The long-awaited Elephant Sushi on Geary Street opened this week, and as expected, diners are already flocking to the petite 12-seat sushi bar. One Yelper, reporting that the wait on night one was three hours long, recommends going it alone or with one companion, tops. Good luck!

Finally, do you want to make a few extra bucks every month? Central City Extra — the neighborhood's long-standing newspaper published by the Study Center — is looking for a new freelance photographer. If you think you're the right candidate, Executive Director Geoff Link wants to hear from you. You can reach him at geoff {at} studycenter {doc} org.

And now, time to enjoy the weekend:

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