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Published on April 26, 2016
Ferry Building's Cowgirl Creamery & Sidekick To Close TemporarilyPhoto: Courtesy of Cowgirl Creamery

The Ferry Building's popular cheese shop Cowgirl Creamery and its sister take-out business, Sidekick Café & Milkbar, are closing for renovations next week to provide "a more streamlined aesthetic for ease of shopping and improved customer service," according to a news release we received today. Sidekick will close very briefly, from May 2nd–5th, while Cowgirl itself will be shut down a bit longer, from May 2nd until early June.

During Cowgirl's closure, a pop-up stand will go up in front of its space, offering a smaller selection of cheeses. When it reopens, the revamped shop will feature a central island for its cheesemongers, who will be able to cut whole wheels of cheese to order. The perimeter of the store will be stocked with "ready-to-go cuts, small format cheeses, and accompaniments."