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Published on July 30, 2016
FiDi & North Beach Crime: Pokémon Go Phone Theft, Elderly Woman Punched On Muni, MorePhoto: Geri Koeppel/Hoodline

In this week's Central Station newsletter, Capt. David Lazar reminds neighbors that the station will be hosting National Night Out this Tuesday, August 2nd at the Salesian Boys’ and Girls’ Club (680 Filbert St.)

"National Night Out is the country’s united effort to promote neighborhood involvement to help stem crime," Lazar writes. "This is accomplished through strengthening police-community relations and encouraging neighborhood camaraderie by hosting neighborhood events."

And now for your weekly crime roundup, culled from SFPD reports from Central Station.

Attempted robbery averted when victim snags gun from suspect

On July 22nd at 1am, near the corner of Taylor and Green streets in Russian Hill, a woman, 25, was walking when another woman, 22, pointed a gun at her and demanded her property. The victim refused and grabbed the gun away from the alleged suspect. The suspect then snatched the gun back and fled in an unidentified white sedan. 

Pokémon Go player robbed of phone

SFPD has warned Pokémon Go players to be vigilant while interacting with the game, but that doesn't seem to have stopped some fans from getting caught unawares while trying to "catch them all." A woman, 27, was walking along Grant Avenue at Pine Street in Lower Nob Hill while playing the game on July 22nd at 6:04pm, when two men, 18-22, ran up and purloined her phone before fleeing on foot. The victim suffered minor injuries, but refused medical attention. 

Elderly woman punched in the head on Muni

A woman, 70, and a man, 65-70, were riding on a Muni bus near Stockton and Washington streets in Chinatown on July 24th at 12:40pm, when the bags that they were carrying collided with each other. The suspect's response was to punch the victim several times in the face with a closed fist. He then fled northbound on Stockton Street. The victim suffered minor injuries, with redness and swelling to her right eye. She was transported to the hospital in stable condition. 

Man withdraws cash from ATM after stabbing threat

At 11pm in the FiDi on July 25th near Sutter and Montgomery streets, a man in his early 40s approached another man, 23, and told him that he would stab him with a knife if he didn't give him his money. The victim, who didn't have any cash on him, went to an ATM to take out some money while the alleged suspect followed him. The suspect absconded with the loot on foot in an unknown direction. 

Hot prowl burglar mistaken for cat

A woman, 34, and a man, 29, went to sleep in their Lower Nob Hill home on the 800 block of Pine Street on July 27th, when they awoke at 1am to the sound of something rustling inside. They dismissed the disturbance, thinking that it was their cat making the noise. Later, they discovered that the kitchen window was open and several of their personal belongings were missing, including a laptop, two cell phones, a backpack, house keys, a camera, jewelry and a wallet containing ID and credit cards. 

Woman robbed of cell phone while standing at intersection

Another cell phone grab occurred near Union Square, at the corner of Sutter and Stockton streets, on July 27th at 4:28pm. A woman, 25, was standing at the intersection when four women, ages 18-22, approached her. One of the alleged suspects came from behind and attempted to steal the phone from the victim's hands, and a struggle ensued. Eventually, the suspect was able to take control of the phone and pushed the victim to the ground. All four suspects then fled westbound on Sutter Street, phone in hand. 

Teen robbed of phone while waiting for bus

A male teen was sitting at a bus stop on Don Chee Way and Steuart Street in the FiDi at 5pm, when four unknown men pulled up on two blue, dirt bike-style motorcycles. One of the alleged suspects got off of the bike and walked up to the victim to ask him the time before grabbing his cell phone. The victim and the suspect struggled for the phone, but the suspect was able to nab the phone and ride away with the others.

Man pushed to the ground, cell phone stolen

Another cell phone theft occurred just 15 minutes after the one reported above, at 5:15pm on July 27th. This one occurred at Pier 39 in Fisherman's Wharf, less than a mile away from the previous incident. The victim, a man, 36, was pushed to the ground from behind by a suspect in his 20s and his cell phone was taken from him. The alleged suspect then ran to a nearby blue motorcycle and fled the scene. SFPD did not note if the two incidents were related. 

Woman sliced in neck with box cutter trying to break up fight

A fight erupted between a 26-year-old woman's friends and another man, 43, in the FiDi at Market and New Montgomery streets on July 28th at 4:53pm. When the victim tried to break up the fight, the suspect sliced her neck with a box cutter. She was transported to a hospital with non-life threatening injuries; police say that the suspect was taken into custody. 

Teen threatens woman with a knife, takes off with cash

At 9pm on July 28th, a male teen approached a woman, 32, in the unit block of Beckett Street in the FiDi and demanded her money. The suspect then showed her that he had a weapon by revealing a handle of a knife. She gave him cash, and the suspect fled away on a bicycle southbound on Beckett Street. 

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