Video: Man Kicks Dog In Aggressive Duboce Park Confrontation

Video: Man Kicks Dog In Aggressive Duboce Park Confrontation
A screenshot from the video. (Video: Kelly P.)
By Allie Pape - Published on September 02, 2016.

A minor scuffle between a group of dogs at Duboce Park led to a more serious attack last night, with a man kicking a dog and grappling with a bystander who tried to stop him. Tipster Kelly P. sent us this video of the incident: 

On Nextdoor, one witness said that the incident began around 6pm, when a few dogs got into a scuffle that was quickly broken up. The dog owners separated their dogs, and while there did not appear to be any injuries, the man in the baseball cap shown in the video (who reportedly owns a basset hound) quickly grabbed a black lab, which he believed to have started the fight, by the collar, and began pulling it away. 

The lab's female owner and other bystanders jumped in to release the dog, "which took some effort," the witness continued. "As he walked away, he kicked the dog quite hard and pushed a bystander." The dog's owner also appears to have fallen after the dog was kicked. 

"My wife and I witnessed the entire event," another witness said. "This guy was clearly unhinged and assaulted the dog, his owner, and another man who had nothing to do with the incident."

The man left the scene before police arrived. According to the first witness, "the police advised the dog's owner and the bystander that they had the option of filing a complaint. The man is being sought for questioning." 

A representative for SFPD confirmed the incident, and said that it remains under investigation. If arrested, the man could be charged with animal cruelty for kicking the dog, she said.