Trump Takes Home Nearly 10% Of San Francisco Vote

Trump Takes Home Nearly 10% Of San Francisco Vote
Trump piñatas may remain a hot item. (Photo: Courtesy of Nancy Charraga/Casa Bonampak)
By Rose Garrett - Published on November 09, 2016.

It's morning in America, in the literal sense.

But for many San Francisco voters, the surprising election of Donald Trump has cast a pall (or, alternatively, a "fat, turgid shadow") over the post-election dawn. And by many voters, we mean the 228,211, or roughly 84.3%, who voted for Hillary Clinton. (This is per the Department of Elections' numbers, which are still unofficial as of 2am this morning, with some provisional and mail-in ballots still to be counted.)

But though it's easy to think of traditionally red states and swing state surprises as the source of Trump's victory (they were), it should be noted that not all Trump supporters hail from far-off states. Here in liberal San Francisco, Trump took home 9.78% of the vote, with 26,461 ballots to his name. (The Chron has a report from last night's San Francisco Young Republicans' victory party, if you're so inclined.)

We don't yet know where in the city those votes came from. However, Trump support in the primaries was mapped in part to wealthier neighborhoods around the city, including "the Marina, Pacific Heights, Sea Cliff, Merced Manor, St. Francis Wood, a tiny section of the Sunset District and the Financial District," according to the Examiner's analysis. (Update: Curbed has a map of Trump's local turnout by neighborhood.)

For those Trump opponents stunned by his victory and unnerved by Trump support close to home, it should be noted that Trump's current share of the city's vote is down from the 13.01% which went to Mitt Romney in 2012, and the 13.62% which went to McCain in 2008

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