Tiny North Oakland Park To Get A Little Bigger

Tiny North Oakland Park To Get A Little Bigger
Photo: Scott Morris/Hoodline
By Scott Morris - Published on May 09, 2017.

A tiny triangular island in North Oakland that may be the city's smallest park is getting a little larger, thanks to a pedestrian and bicycle improvement project currently underway.

The tiny park at the intersection of Adeline and Market streets has been a source of amusement for area residents for some time because of the “park rules” posted prominently in the small patch of landscaping, where there’s barely room to stand.

Posted restrictions include no dogs, no alcohol or drug use, no fireworks and no bicycling except in designated trail areas. The park is closed from 10pm to 6am.

The tiny park in 2015. | VIA GOOGLE MAPS

“I always thought it was cute that the city felt the need to put up a huge sign when there's basically no usable space there,” one Reddit user wrote in a 2015 thread discussing the park.

“A friend and I actually had two beers whilst sitting in lawn chairs in that park after a pruning job across the street... Felt it entirely necessary,” another user wrote, apparently admitting to a violation of the park rules.

City plans for expanding the tiny park. | VIA CITY OF OAKLAND

But work is underway to make the small park a bit bigger, eliminating the small section of Aileen Street that separated it from the next block. It’s part of a larger slate of pedestrian and bicycle improvements underway on Market Street between 45th Street and Arlington Avenue, said city Transportation Services Manager Wladimir Wlassowsky.

The work will reconfigure the intersection of Market and Adeline by widening sidewalks, upgrading the traffic signal system, installing bike lanes and improving crosswalk markings, Wlassowsky said. A small amount of new landscaping will be added to the expanded park to help with stormwater runoff.

The project is partly funded by a $650,000 federal grant from the Highway Safety Improvement Program.