3 Raised Crosswalks Coming To Lower Haight

Last week, tipster Meghan Arnold alerted us that recent construction at Page and Pierce streets removed the curb ramp, leaving the sidewalk without wheelchair access.

When we visited, we found a similar situation at Waller and Pierce streets.

Without a ramp, people with disabilities can have difficulties transitioning from a roadway to the sidewalk; their use is mandated by the Americans With Disabilities Act, enacted in 1990.

Via email, Public Works deputy director of communications and public affairs Jennifer Blot said the work is related to a project that's installing three raised crosswalks in the neighborhood. The work should be complete by mid-October, she said.

A temporary ramp has now also been put in place at Waller and Pierce streets until construction is complete.

The curb at Page and Pierce streets.

Part of the Wiggle Neighborhood Green Corridor Project, the raised crosswalks will force vehicles to slow down, said project manager Mike Rieger in a phone interview.

Another temporary ramp will be installed at Page and Pierce streets and a third crosswalk will follow at Waller and Steiner streets.

As we reported last month, the $3 million project is funded by the Sewer System Improvement Program, the 2011 Road Repaving and Street Safety Bond and Proposition K funds, and is a joint effort between SFMTA and the city's Public Utilities Commission.

Before the temporary ramp was installed.

Officials hope that all project work can be completed by December.

In 2010, a raised crosswalk was installed in the parking lot at Stonestown Galleria, but the first to be installed on a through street was placed at Hermann and Steiner near Duboce Park in June 2016, Streetsblog reported.

The project aims to increase walkability, decrease traffic and reduce stormwater waste along the Wiggle route. 

As always, neighbors can also check out the project website to learn more about construction work.

Thanks for the tip, Meghan! Do you have a question about something you've seen? Text your tip and a photo to 415-200-3233, and we'll see what we can find out.

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3 raised crosswalks coming to lower haight