Oakland's 6 Best Delivery Pizzerias

Craving pizza but don’t want to brave the sit-down scene?

Order out.

But if you’re going to have a pizza (or two, or three) delivered, you’ll have to choose from dozens of East Bay pizzerias.

To help you plan your perfect pizza party, we compared local pizza joints to locate Oakland’s best delivery spots.

Drake’s Dealership

2325 Broadway

If you’re on the craft pizza train, consider ordering from Drake’s Dealership. The establishment’s most popular pie is the New Haven-style “Classic,” with tomato sauce, pecorino romano and oregano.

Photo: Drake's Dealership/Facebook

There’s also the aptly named Five One O (tomato sauce, spicy sausage, chili pickled pineapple, serrano peppers, sriracha and mozzarella), the Piedmont (horseradish garlic sauce, mozzarella, sliced potatoes, wood-fired mushrooms and dino kale) and the Hella NorCal (tomatoes, pecorino, kalamata olives, basil pesto and lemon zest).

If you’re going to place an order, plan to spend $11 to $15 for most pizzas and around $24 for a large pie.  

Jules Thin Crust

5804 College Ave.

An East Bay thin-crust go-to is Jules Thin Crust. As the name suggests, it specializes in making pizzas with thin and crispy crusts.

Photo: Jules Thin Crust/Facebook

Popular pizzas include Kim’s Pie (roast chicken, portobello mushroom, caramelized onion, mozzarella, balsamic bbq sauce and chives), the Jeff Special (chicken, arugula, feta, tomatoes, shallots, mozzarella and vinaigrette) and the Brooklyn Pie (fresh mozzarella, mozzarella, parmesan, garlic, oregano, with a drizzle of organic tomato sauce).

Most “mini” pizzas range in price from $15 to $19, and bigger pies go for an additional $7 to $8. Gluten-free crusts are available upon request.

Lucia’s Pizzeria

2016 Shattuck Ave.

If you’re looking for pizza in its most classic form, order a margherita, topped with tomatoes, mozzarella and basil, from Lucia’s.

However, if you’re looking for something a little less traditional, consider the Hey Norma! (eggplant and fresh ricotta) or the Lips of Fire (hot soppressata with ghost pepper maple syrup).

Photo: Lucia's Pizzeria/Facebook

Lucia’s also boasts a wide selection of white pizzas, like the Spudsy Pancetta (potatoes, pancetta, red onion, rosemary and smoked mozzarella) and the fan-favorite Pepe L’Pig (peperoncino, farm sausage, red onion, smoked mozzarella and oregano).

Vegan mozz and gluten-free dough are available, and prices range from $15 to $19.

Zachary’s Chicago Pizza

5801 College Ave.

Zachary’s, which specializes in Chicago-style deep-dish pies, is an East Bay institution.

Customer favorites include the Chorizo (Mexican chorizo sausage, fire-roasted diced green chiles and Monterey jack cheese) and the Zachary’s Special (Italian sausage, green pepper, onion and mushroom). “Healthy” eaters can opt for the Spinach & Mushroom (fresh spinach, mushrooms and a blend of three cheeses and special spices).

Photo: Zachary's Chicago Pizza/Facebook

Deep-dish pizzas can be ordered half-baked if you want to ensure the freshest pie possible. Most topping options are also available on a thin or stuffed crust.

Expect to pay $20 to $40 for a single pie, depending on what size (and depth) you choose.

Namaste Pizza

5942 San Pablo Ave.

If you’re torn between delivery pizza and Indian food, go with Namaste Pizza and indulge in both. 

Photo: Namaste Pizza/Facebook

The fusion eatery incorporates Indian flavors into its pies, producing such menu items as the Tandoorlicious Pizza (chicken and Paneer with onions, green pepper and tomatoes on a creamy base) and the Chicken Pizza Masala, which is based on the popular Indian dish chicken tikka masala. 

Namaste’s pizzas serve two to four people, and are priced between $20 and $25.

Bobby G's Pizzeria

2072 University Ave.

You’ll find one of the East Bay’s best slices of New York-style pizza at Bobby G’s in Berkeley, which dishes up (and delivers) a classic combo of fresh tomato sauce, whole-milk mozzarella and the toppings of your choosing.

Photo: Bobby G's Pizzeria/Facebook

Pizzas range in price from $15 to $30, and vegetarian-friendly pies and gluten-free crusts are available. The stuffed breadsticks are an equally mouth-watering appetizer, especially when dipped in Bobby G’s marinara sauce.

Feel like we missed an Oakland delivery pizza must? Drop us a comment below.

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Oakland s 6 best delivery pizzerias