10 ways to use the internet for good [sponsored]

The internet is pretty special. It connects us all and provides endless opportunities to learn, grow, and share. And whether you’re taking an online class to finally learn a foreign language, writing an email to your long-distance best friend, or exploring volunteer opportunities in your neighborhood, Sonic believes in using the power of the internet for good.

Follow these 10 easy steps to doing good online, and see if you can share some joy of your own. Then, feel free to watch all the cat videos you want, knowing you’ve earned it. #InternetForGood

This month, Sonic will be sharing tips and examples of ways to use the internet to spread good. Follow Sonic on Instagram for more.

1) Stream a motivational TED talk, and get inspired by someone else’s story. Life hacks, here you come!

2) Video chat your momma. To her, it’s Mother’s Day every day. There’s no bad time to spend an evening talking to the person who loves you most.

3) Donate to a local nonprofit or charity. We love the Electronic Frontier Foundation for its ethics and dedication to consumer privacy, but follow your heart!

4) Get loud for good. Leave a compliment on someone’s Instagram post or in the comments section of an article you loved. You never know when your random act of kindness could make someone’s day.

Sonic installers bring Gigabit Fiber Internet to neighborhoods in the Bay Area. 

5) Post an uplifting quote or a photo of something adorable, like a sleeping puppy (kittens are also encouraged). The internet, and all of your followers, will thank you.

6) Share a positive review of a local small business that you love. Then swing by in person and give the owner a high five. Those positive reviews help small businesses thrive.

7) Support local art! Follow a Bay Area artist on social media, and repost their work (with attribution). Sonic suggests you meet East Bay artist @bud_snow. We’re currently collaborating with her to bring original art to the North Berkeley BART station.

8) Go online and search for volunteer opportunities in your neighborhood. There’s always a need close to home and plenty of wonderful causes in your community to support.

As a Field Service Technician for Sonic, Larry connects East Bay homes with Gigabit Fiber Internet.

9) Prevent internet service providers from slowing or blocking access to any sites. Sign an online petition to support net neutrality and help protect the equal and open internet for all. Using the internet to protect the internet—you just became the most efficient online person ever!

10) Choose an indie ISP. If you switch to an ISP like Sonic that’s local and puts users first—with privacy practices you can trust, a net neutrality stance you can celebrate, and a commitment to serving and supporting our shared local community—you’ll be doing good every time you go online.

There’s no better time to get online and do some good right from your laptop or tablet. We encourage you to try one of our ideas for doing good or come up with your own inspiration for being a force for good online. Either way, spread some happiness on the internet today, and join in on Sonic’s #InternetForGood movement!

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