Divisadero Arco station goes up for sale

Divisadero Arco station goes up for sale
Photo via Loopnet
By Camden Avery - Published on June 17, 2020.

The Arco gas station at 1175 Fell Street (at Divisadero) is up for sale by BP with a price of $8.75 million, or a cool $6,434 per square foot.

Briefly closed for renovation early last year, the station has anchored Divisadero's string of gas and service stations since 1941.

Unlike the adjacent Touchless Car Wash at 400 Divisadero, which is in the final stages of approval to become a mixed-use housing development, the Arco station isn't going anywhere soon — the sale comes with a triple-net 15 year lease back to BP. The listing encourages potential buyers to bid on the fixed price property by offering a lower first year rent.

This will come as happy news for some drivers, who regularly flock to the Arco for its rock-bottom prices, but might be more mixed news for city cyclists: Traffic in and out of the station on Fell and Divisadero intersect with the Wiggle, and regularly make the site one of the more dangerous cycling locations in the city.