‘Purse Filled With Yogurt’ alert on Citizen app milks jokes in Cow Hollow

‘Purse Filled With Yogurt’ alert on Citizen app milks jokes in Cow HollowImage: Citizen app
Joe Kukura
Published on January 18, 2021

The crime-tracking app Citizen notified 2,500 people in San Francisco Sunday night of an alleged possible crime that turned out to be ‘whey’ less serious than your typical police call. Though Citizen users were notified of a possible blood-curdling police intervention in Cow Hollow, the alert turned out to simply read “Purse Filled With Yogurt on Corner.”

“Police are responding to a report that a purse that is filled with yogurt is on the northeast corner of the road,” according to the Citizen alert. “It is unclear if the purse is filled with yogurt or containers of yogurt.”

We don’t know whether an ‘active’ investigation is underway. We understand that police should be suspicious of abandoned packages, particularly in the current environment, so that may be why some people got stirred up enough to call the police about this.

The menacing purse filled with yogurt was discovered at the residential intersection of Union and Baker Streets seen below, not normally a hotbed of frozen yogurt misconduct.

The New York Times has not yet chimed in whether people are leaving San Francisco after the incident, and Hoodline is not aware of any efforts to recall district attorney Chesa Boudin for allowing this to happen.