Belgian fry shop Frjtz shuts down SF operations after 21 years

Belgian fry shop Frjtz shuts down SF operations after 21 years
By Jay Barmann - Published on August 06, 2021.

Frjtz, the go-to place for Belgian-style frites and waffles that first opened in the year 2000 on Hayes Street and later had locations in the Mission and Ghirardelli Square, has now ceased to even be a delivery option, which it had been for the past two years. 

Frjtz closed its Hayes Valley shop back in 2012, and the Valencia Street location closed in early 2018 and relocated 3412 17th Street, around the corner from Valencia. Owner Santiago Rodriguez later announced the closure of that location — not long after a notice of back rent owed went up on the door — telling the Chronicle that the place was seeing a steep rise in demand for delivery while the in-house foot traffic had been in decline. 

The first Frjtz shop opened at a moment two decades ago when Belgian-style, twice-fried fries were very en vogue — with New York seeing a boom in Belgian food, including the mini chain Belgo opening a popular location in Manhattan in 1999, not long after a popular frites shop in the East Village had been feeding late-night crowds mayo- and satay-sauce-laden frites by the cone-full. French fries never really go out of style, but the novelty of these Amsterdam-style cones of frites wore off over the years and the quality kind of slipped as well.

Rodriguez tells Eater that he actually relocated to New York two years ago, so it makes sense that the business is now fully shutting down its commissary kitchen, with no more delivery available as of July 28.

Should have a craving for a cone of fries, there actually is still one Frjtz location left, and it's on East 12th Street in Oakland. That spot is run by Rodriguez's sister-in-law and neice, and it has a menu of "Stoner Frjtz" which are bowls of loaded fries topped with various meats and condiments. They also serve burgers, savory crepes, and they have a full brunch menu — all available for takeout and delivery only.