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Published on May 16, 2023
Amid funding and security concerns, Los Gatos says goodbye to Promenade events — at least for 2023Source: Los Gatos Chamber of Commerce / Wikipedia

Los Gatos will not host its lively Promenades this summer, bringing a halt to the spirited events that had filled the streets with enchanting music and bustling crowds in past seasons, according to Mercury News.

Catherine Somers, the outgoing executive director of the Los Gatos Chamber of Commerce, who worked passionately behind the Promenades, shared that the town had accomplished its mission of gathering the community for shopping and dining in a secure environment, but difficulties in sourcing funds and organizing security arrangements indicate that it's time to move on and explore other possibilities for the bustling community, and so the town will now focus on other exciting and music-filled events this summer, paving the way for a new era of festivities.

It's certainly poignant to look back and reminisce about the inception and journey of the Promenade events, which in their 2021 edition, transformed North Santa Cruz Avenue into a vibrant promenade, with attendees reveling in live music and the company of friends on Thursday evenings, as reported in a Live in Los Gatos Blog post.

The events received a significant budget allocation from the Los Gatos Town Council in the form of American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds and a grant from Linda L. Lester, but the challenges kept mounting, as seen in 2022 when the final Promenade had to be axed due to rising costs, reveals an article on Los Gatan. The funds, though substantial, were not enough to cover the escalating expenses associated with organizing the events—costs spiraled from $15,000 to $20,000 per event due to increased security needs and tighter alcohol management strategies, as reported by Silicon Valley.

However, the reality is that the vibrancy of the Promenades grew more intense with time, inviting more people to join the weekly celebrations and turning the streets into a lively dance floor, with music filling the air, as reported in another Los Gatan article. The events evoked a sense of freedom and camaraderie among the residents, who cherished their encounters with familiar faces and reveled in the festive atmosphere that the Promenades had created.

Looking forward, the town will now channel their energy and creativity towards other events that celebrate the community's passion for music and togetherness; this summer, the town's calendar is filled with musical events such as Jazz on the Plaza, Music in the Park, and the Sounds of Summer festival, promising an abundance of melodies and community gatherings for the town's residents, as reported by Mercury News.

Though the Promenades will no longer grace the streets of Los Gatos, their legacy will remain as a cherished memory of the bustling, music-filled nights that once brought the community together, with hopes that new adventures and creative events will fill this void, and the town's residents will continue to have reasons to gather and celebrate their unity and passion for the arts.