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Published on May 26, 2023
Sutro Tower Removes Steel Panels, Forgoes Permitting Artists to Paint Them

San Francisco's iconic Sutro Tower, the primary television communication facility for the Bay Area, underwent some structural improvements recently, but not without a few obstacles. The tower's operators, Sutro Tower Inc. (STI), removed metal cladding panels in 2019 without proper local permits. City Hall ultimately granted retroactive approval for the removal on Thursday, ensuring that STI could receive its $50 million reimbursement from the Federal Communications Commission. However, the Planning Commission denied two proposals - one to allow local artists to paint the removed hazardous lead paint-coated panels for an interpretive installation, and another for an annual neighborhood open house at the tower. Instead, the commission approved an "interpretive installation" honoring the tower's history, and a "virtual tour" for the public. Continue reading on SFist →

Image: SF Planning Commission