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Published on May 15, 2023
[VIDEO] Peso Pluma show at the San Jose Convention Center gets rowdy, as attendees allege the event was oversold [UPDATED]

[Updated] One Twitter user wrote, "I survived Peso Pluma in San Jose." As the rising star Peso Pluma continues to take the world by storm with his genre-blending music, his recent concert at the San Jose Convention Center was marred by alleged chaos and disorder. What should have been a fun night to experience one of the fastest rising stars on the music scene saw patrons complaining of long waiting times and claims of oversold tickets - which has since been addressed by the event organizers. The result was spiking tensions as scattered altercations broke out among select groups of attendees, prompting police involvement.

According to a series of TikTok videos, eager fans stood in line for hours with some alleging that they waited for as long as four hours in an attempt to gain entrance, at which point, they said the Peso Pluma set was already done. The frustration became evident as videos captured minor arguments and physical confrontations between attendees. One video (below), shows two men shoving each other as police officers rush to intervene.

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In another, viewers can observe the chaotic scene of a woman seemingly being knocked to the ground during a scuffle.

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Crowd control took a further hit when, as another clip suggested, the VIP section of the Peso Pluma show was overwhelmed by fans breaking through fences to fill the exclusive area.

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Other videos showcased the sheer volume of people waiting outside the venue, while this video captured fans' attempts to scale the fence. The individual who posted the video expressed concern over the general safety of attendees.

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The San Jose Police Department responded to Hoodline's request for comment by stating that no arrests were made and their primary objective was maintaining peace and ensuring public safety. In a statement provided to Hoodline, they redirected inquiries about overselling and convention center-related issues to Team San Jose, the organization responsible for managing the venue. When asked about the event, Laura Chmielewski, VP Marketing and Communications for Team San Jose, explained that an outside producer was hired for the Peso Pluma concert and was responsible for the event's organization and safety.

[UPDATE] In response to the alleged chaos that unfolded, the outside producer, Luz Al Promotions, responsible for the event spoke with Hoodline via Team San Jose to address some concerns. They acknowledged that the, "VIP area was compromised by several attendees," however, they responded that they could neither confirm nor deny the claims of fans waiting for hours without entry, adding, "we don’t know." The producer emphasized that the show was not oversold, but rather it was sold "to its legal capacity" as determined by both the San Jose Police and Fire Departments. Currently, the outside producer is carrying out investigations and will not provide further comments at this time.

Despite the chaos during his San Jose concert, Peso Pluma – real name Hassan Emilio Kabande Laija – continues to enjoy global success. Originally from Jalisco, Mexico, the 23-year-old singer has garnered worldwide acclaim with his unique blend of corrido tumbado and reggaeton styles. As reported by NPR, he currently ranks as the fifth most-streamed artist in the world on Spotify, with multiple hits on the Top 50 Global chart. The young artist's rise to fame has been nothing short of meteoric, transitioning from construction worker and waiter to headlining chart-topping concerts within a short span of time. According to LATV, some fans compare him to reggaeton superstar Bad Bunny, and others credit him with thrusting traditional Mexican music into the international spotlight. While the dust settles from the recent San Jose concert, Peso Pluma continues to break boundaries in the music world and add his signature touch to regional Mexican genres, captivating fans both old and new. As the star prepares for more performances and tours around the United States, his global appeal is undeniable, demonstrating that there's certainly more to expect from this future heavyweight of the music industry.