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Published on September 19, 2023
Emergency Rail Project Disrupts Richmond CommuteSource: The Richmond Police Department

South Garrard Blvd, just North of W. Cutting Blvd, will remain closed from September 19 to 22 due to emergency rail replacement operations conducted by BNSF railway company

According to the Richmond Police's Facebook post, the city's alternative plan to reroute the traffic through Canal Blvd to West Cutting Blvd offers a temporary solution for travelers while the rail replacement operations are carried out.

The swift response by BNSF and the city of Richmond should not overshadow the adverse impact this road closure has on everyone who depend on South Garrard Blvd for their daily commute. The sudden closure forces them to navigate alternative routes and endure possible delays. Furthermore, businesses situated near the affected area might suffer from a decreased flow of customers.

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