Santa Clarita Bus Strike Halts Service, Leaves Residents and Students Stranded

Santa Clarita Bus Strike Halts Service, Leaves Residents and Students StrandedSource: Wikipedia/Ponderosapine210, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons
Jake Rodriguez
Published on September 29, 2023

Bus drivers in Santa Clarita, California, working for MV Transportation, have gone on strike. This unexpected disruption prompted the city to halt service on all commuter routes and most local ones from October 2, as stated on the official city website. Because the city is not involved in the labor dispute between MV Transportation and the drivers' union, it has little capacity to intervene.

Persistent talks between MV Transportation and the union have gone on for the past year. The union, however, authorized a strike on September 15, to stop work immediately, stranding numerous of passengers. This disruption of transportation services is detrimental to Santa Clarita's residents who rely on local transit.

Making his concerns known public, Santa Clarita Mayor Jason Gibbs called for both MV Transportation and the drivers' union to resume good faith negotiations. “The strike is going to impact our residents severely, who rely on our transit to commute to their workplaces, schools, and beyond,” according to Mayor Gibbs. The mayor also emphasized the need for a swift resolution to benefit the community.

The strike has posed additional challenges for students who use school routes daily. Trying to alleviate the inconvenience, Santa Clarita Transit is coordinating with the Hart District for a "staggered" bus service to arrange. Hart school buses will run their usual routes first, then return to service other schools. Residents are urged to refer to the Hart District's transportation website for the adjusted school bus schedule.