Uhaul Heist Unravels as Duo Caught in Dramatic Pursuit in Fairfield

Uhaul Heist Unravels as Duo Caught in Dramatic Pursuit in FairfieldFairfield PD
Nina Singh-Hudson
Published on September 19, 2023

On Saturday, a stolen Uhaul truck triggered a high-speed pursuit in Fairfield, California. The suspects, later identified as 30-year-old Savannah Johnson and 42-year-old Jeannie Small, were ultimately apprehended, bringing their brief stint of criminal escapades to an end.

According to a Facebook post by the Fairfield PD , the incident began when a FLOCK hit reported the stolen truck's location near Pittman/Suisun Valley Road at around 12:38 am. Fairfield police Officer Swoyer promptly responded and located the vehicle near Scandia. Upon spotting Officer Swoyer, Small exited the passenger's side, only to hastily return, and the vehicle sped away. The pursuit was on.

As the Uhaul refused to yield, other Fairfield officers joined Officer Swoyer in the dramatic chase on eastbound I80. California Highway Patrol (CHP) was requested to take over the pursuit, quickly escalating the situation and highlighting the importance of interagency cooperation. Undeterred, the suspects continued to flee eastbound on I80, eventually driving over deployed spike strips before taking a sharp turn off the Lagoon Valley exit.

Emboldened but cornered, the suspects abandoned their stolen vehicle and took to their feet, fleeing into a fenced construction area. A coordinated effort saw officers from CHP, Fairfield PD, and deputies from Solano Sheriff’s Office converge to establish a perimeter around the construction site. The clock was ticking, and time was running out for Johnson and Small. It wouldn't be long before their ill-fated venture reached its unavoidable conclusion.

The suspects initially providing false names to the officers on the scene. They eventually surrendered and, with the aid of a fingerprint reader, were accurately identified by Officer M. Brown. The driver, Savannah Johnson, was determined to be a CDC parolee, and Jeannie Small was discovered to be on active probation.

After an eventful morning, Johnson and Small were subsequently booked into County Jail.