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Published on October 19, 2023
$4M "It All Starts Here" Campaign Reminds the World of San Francisco's Status as Innovation Hub, City of Beauty & CreativitySource: King of Hearts, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Surely, the City by the Bay is done for this time! Internal SF economics reports and international studies be damned should they dare to present statistics that suggest our downtown's so-called "Doom Loop" is overblown. Despite these promising reports (from as recently as earlier this week), a perceived dark cloud hovers over San Francisco causing an ongoing publicity problem for the City.

To combat this, San Francisco's business leaders, well-known figures, and major corporations have initiated a campaign named "It All Starts Here." The campaign aims to remind the world of San Francisco's status as a hub of innovation, creativity, and resilience, highlighting its rich cultural history, advanced tech industry, and tenacious spirit, as the SF Chronicle reports. It might be worth noting that the Chronicle, itself, was once of the loudest voices decrying the Doom Loop, a stance from which they seem to have distanced themselves since.

Starting with a $4 million marketing push, this civic pride initiative seeks to recharge the city's image for both residents and tourists. The campaign owes its inception to Ripple's billionaire chairman, Chris Larsen, and Gap board member, Bob Fisher. "It All Starts Here" will feature on numerous billboards throughout the city.

As the city prepares to host the APEC leaders’ summit in November, the timing of this drive appears critical, as the Associated Press notes. With an influx of world leaders, business executives, and global journalists on the horizon, the campaign endeavors to overturn a declining narrative and refurbish the city's global image.

Tech giants Apple, Cisco, Google, Tesla, Salesforce, and multiple sports legends and historic figure estates have pledged support to Advance SF, the nonprofit heading this campaign. This collective commitment signalizes the Bay Area's dedication to city pride and reaffirms belief in its growth potential.

According to its website, Advance SF aims to create "an affordable, thriving city with a good quality of life for all," aligning with the campaign's goals. They pledge to address public safety, economic resilience, social opportunities, and quality-of-life concerns, thus reaffirming their mission to positively spotlight San Francisco and counter recent negative attitudes.