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Published on October 09, 2023
Brandeis University Professor's Daughter, Son-in-law Killed in Hamas Attacks on IsraelSource: Google Street View

Brandeis University professor, Ilan Troen, experienced a personal tragedy during this month's violent attacks in Israel when he lost his daughter and son-in-law. The deaths were reported by WHDH, shedding light on the human impact of the conflict. Hamas militants were responsible for the attacks that put the region on the brink of war.

Comments from Brandeis University President Ron Liebowitz were made on Boston 25 News and MassLive. He conveyed his profound sadness and the university's sentiments, while condemning the acts of terrorism by Hamas.

Beginning with attacks from Palestinian militants, launched at Israeli communities and military bases, the conflict has escalated since October 7th. The Israeli military has retaliated with forceful strikes on Gaza. As per The New York Times, deaths on both sides number more than 100 Israelis and 198 Palestinians.

In interviews with NPR, Troen shared the painful details of his family's loss. He mentioned his daughter and son-in-law's bravery in protecting their child up until their demise. He also voiced outrage at these calculated and deadly attacks.

The ongoing conflict occurred during the Jewish day to rest, Shabbat, and a significant religious period for adherents of the Jewish faith. According to MassLive, the Jewish Federation of Western Massachusetts extended their solidarity with both Israel and global Jews affected by these events.

With the violence persisting in Israel and Gaza, causing severe losses on both sides, stories like Troen's underscore the terrible human cost of war. Many innocent lives have been lost, and many more remain in danger as this conflict continues to reverberate globally.