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Published on May 14, 2024
Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry Renamed in Honor of Ken Griffin's Record $125 Million DonationSource : zooey from Chicago, Illinois USA, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry is shedding its old name in favor of a new one, thanks to a hefty donation from a local billionaire. Starting next week, visitors will be walking into the Kenneth C. Griffin Museum of Science and Industry, as reported by ABC7 Chicago. Along with the new moniker, the institution will unveil a contemporary logo and an array of fresh exhibits.

The name change commemorates the Windy City's very own Ken Griffin, the hedge fund mogul behind Citadel, for his record-shattering $125 million gift given in 2019. Griffin, who recently relocated his citadel from the city's skyline, still left a lasting imprint on the local cultural scene, despite moving the high-profile company out of Chicago. In what can be seen as a triumph of philanthropy, the newly-christened Griffin Museum is kicking off this era by offering free admission on Sunday. This strategy not only serves as a grand celebration but also as an olive branch of inclusivity for the community.

The commitment to innovation isn't just in the name. NBC Chicago tells us that the museum has big plans for the cash infusion. A substantial portion is earmarked for the museum’s sustainable future and the creation of the Pixel Studio, a cutting-edge digital gallery. Furthermore, the Griffin Studio is set to become an immersive digital paradise with Notes to Neurons as its flagship exhibit, melding the world of music and emotions.

The rebranding exercise stretches beyond a mere sign on the wall. The museum's website declares, "Today, we're excited to reveal the next step in our evolution as the Griffin Museum of Science and Industry," signaling a dedication to pressing on with purpose. The Griffin’s donation appears to be just the beginning of a grand scheme aimed at propelling this venerable institution into a new digital and educational frontier.