LA Cop Charged with Grand Theft by Embezzlement for Allegedly Swindling $15,000 in Overtime

LA Cop Charged with Grand Theft by Embezzlement for Allegedly Swindling $15,000 in OvertimeSource: Google Street View
Juliette Kessler
Published on October 02, 2023

Police Officer Isabel Morales, formerly of the North Hollywood Area of the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), is facing a felony grand theft by embezzlement charge. This follows her fraudulent collection of overtime pay during 2022, according to a LAPD statement. The officer's alleged misuse of overtime pay was referred to the Internal Affairs Division by her commanding officer. The matter was then handed over to the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office for review.

Morales's misuse of overtime payments came to light when she reported for an "on call" duty to a murder trial in February 2022 that officially ended on March 8, 2022. Inappropriately, she is alleged to have reported "on call" over 70 times, including on court holidays, until July 15, 2022. For these instances, the officer is believed to have fraudulently collected over $15,000 .

LAPD Chief Michel Moore, in response to an Morales's alleged actions, stated that dishonesty within the LAPD is unacceptable. He further affirmed the department's commitment to hold those responsible for such misconduct accountable. After joining the department to in 2016, Morales has now been relieved of her duties and is facing a Board of Rights hearing with the recommendation of her termination.

Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascón echoed these sentiments, stating that any misconduct by a law enforcement officer undermines the trust between the LAPD and the community. He also emphasized his office's commitment to ensuring the accountability of all individuals, regardless of profession. Morales could face up to three years in county jail if convicted.