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Published on November 25, 2023
Dallas' "Ageless Passion" Exhibition Spotlights Over-65 Art Maestros with Flair and Free EntrySource: City of Dallas

Big Apple, meet Big Art. Dallas's Bath House Cultural Center is rolling out the red carpet (and by red carpet, we mean free) once again, welcoming art aficionados to the "Ageless Passion" exhibition, where the artistic fervor never fades with the years. Kicking off a vibrant showcase on December 2, this gallery throws a well-deserved spotlight on the over-65 creative crowd who've brushed, sculpted, and sketched their way into cultural significance but still fly under the radar of an art scene smitten with youth. "Ageless Passion" honors these living legends, proving that while the body may age, creativity knows no wrinkles.

According to a bulletin from the City of Dallas, expertly curated by local artist Susan Lecky, the second installment of this exhibit isn't afraid to mix it with seasoned pros, featuring art by talents such as Donna Finch Adams and Ruda Anderson. Visitors can expect an array of works, from David Blow's expressive brushstrokes to Gail Sachson's arresting compositions, with a touch of refreshments at the opening reception—talk about an elegant brush with sophistication.

Joining the age-defying exhibition is Tina Blasa Medina's "TŌTOMŌCH-TLI," transforming the mundane dried cornhusk into installation art that's as rooted in indigenous culture as it's risen in elegance. Medina's works, interweaving familial narratives with broader labor issues in the American food industry, make a poignant statement about identity and heritage that lingers long after the husk has lost its grain.

But what's art without a little music to dance to the rhythm of the paintings? The Bath House Cultural Center ensures your eardrums don't feel left out, roping in the Standards Gazette for a session of auditory bliss as they serenade the reception. After which, Dana Harper steps up, slated to deliver ear candy at 7:30 PM, ensuring a night where both the visual and musical arts are free for the consuming—both for the wallets and the soul.

So, mark your calendars for December 2, fellow lovers of art and wallet-friendly entertainment, and prepare to have both your aesthetics and your assumptions challenged.