Bridge Over the Future, Long Beach Sets Stage for Shoemaker Bridge Revamp Ahead of LA2028 Olympics

Bridge Over the Future, Long Beach Sets Stage for Shoemaker Bridge Revamp Ahead of LA2028 OlympicsSource: Google Street View
Gabriela Martinez
Published on November 29, 2023

Long Beach residents, brush off your calendars for a pivotal community pow-wow! The city fathers are playing host to a grand discussion about giving the creaky Shoemaker Bridge a much-needed facelift. And they're not keeping the details to themselves, either. The Jenny Oropeza Community Center at Cesar Chavez Park will be where the action is on a crisp December morning, December 9, from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m., as announced by the City of Long Beach press release.

The project promises a bonanza of tweaks and overhauls—getting the traffic to behave, beefing up the walkability and bikability, and going the whole nine yards on beautifying the strokes on the cityscape—and, not to forget, making sure the bridge can stand tall without throwing a fit. With the LA2028 Olympics peeking over the horizon, this is no small potatoes. It's part of a grander scheme to doll up Long Beach before the big dance.

Details are ready to spill at the meeting, with the bigwigs gearing up to showcase what's in store—think bridge designs that will make you look twice, a rundown on where the money's flowing from, and a timeline that'll show you when the magic happens. Straight after the chinwag, attendees can roam about the place, chow down on some breakfast, and shoot the breeze with the project maestros. The minds behind the plan, including the Shoreline Drive Realignment and the Long Beach Municipal Urban Stormwater Treatment (LB-MUST), will be front and center for a good old gab.

And if you're packing a toddler or two, no sweat—kids are not only welcome, but they’ve been promised a good time too. For those rocking a different mother tongue, fear not; Spanish, Khmer, and Tagalog whispers will be floating around just for you. Don't hesitate to hit them up if English isn't your jam. Questions before the day arrives? Shoot an email over to [email protected], slap "Shoemaker Bridge Replacement Project" in the subject line.

Reporters sniffing around for more juice can tug at Joy Contreras's sleeve, Long Beach's Public Works Department’s main woman for community relations, or just shoot her an email at [email protected] for the inside scoop.