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Published on November 29, 2023
Windy City Family Rescued on Colorado Peak After Frigid FiascoSource: Facebook / Pueblo County Sheriff's Office

A harrowing tale of survival has emerged from the slopes of Greenhorn Mountain in southern Colorado, where a Chicago family of five was rescued from the precipice of disaster after a wrong turn almost turned into their last. According to the Chicago Sun-Times, the incident unfolded last week when the unassuming family encountered unexpected snow and debilitating altitude effects while attempting to conquer the 3,880-foot ascent of the mountain's peak.

As temperatures plummeted alongside the setting sun, the group was stricken with the stark reality of having no food and donning clothes far from adequate for the increasingly vicious mountain chill. Ominously, the clan's collective savoir faire kicked in just in time, prompting them to alert authorities by calling 911, a move the Pueblo County sheriff's office hailed for being done "before it became a life-threatening emergency," as The Denver Post echoed.

The rescue mission, a cinematic seven-hour ordeal, saw a heroic airlift by a Pueblo County Search and Rescue team that set down amid the rugged North Peak terrain. Upon locating the hikers using GPS, these mountain saviors lived up to their moniker, supplying much-needed sustenance, water, and critical warm gear to the family. The Chicago Sun-Times report detailed how the group then trekked about a mile over the peak in the pitch-dark night, soon joining forces with county and local fire officials before hiking to Ophir Creek, where a fleet of rescue vehicles awaited their arrival.

"Everyone arrived down the mountain safely and were reunited with family members who did not join in the hike," the Pueblo County sheriff's office shared, revealing not only the happy resolution but the essential preventative measures that the family had providentially in place. Not to just be ignored, the sheriff's office underscored the importance of trail preparedness and awareness of one's limitations, especially during a time of year when Mother Nature can whimsically turn serene landscapes into perilous traps, according to remarks by authorities as cited by the Chicago Sun-Times.