Denim Bandits on the Loose, Vallejo Cops Hunt $12K Jeans Gang

Denim Bandits on the Loose, Vallejo Cops Hunt $12K Jeans GangSource: Vallejo Police Department
Eileen Vargas
Published on November 28, 2023

In a bold theft, a group of thieves stole an entire wall display of Levi's jeans worth approximately $12,000 from a Vallejo store last Saturday. The Vallejo Police Department revealed that four unidentified suspects filled large trash bags with the stolen goods and quickly escaped, triggering the emergency door alarm on the 1100 block of Admiral Callaghan Lane. During their escape, one of the thieves reportedly flashed a cheeky smile.

Vallejo PD issued a public appeal for information, emphasizing the significance of community cooperation. The thieves cleared the entire wall display, disappearing into the night with a substantial haul. The police department is now seeking assistance from the community to identify the culprits responsible for the high-value heist, aiming to bring them to justice and restore security for local businesses and citizens.

Officer Stephanie Diaz is the designated contact for any leads and can be reached at (707) 564-7106 or via email at [email protected].