Garland Gambit, City Rolls Out $28.5K Call for Artists to Brush Up Downtown with Durable Masterpiece

Garland Gambit, City Rolls Out $28.5K Call for Artists to Brush Up Downtown with Durable MasterpieceSource: City of Garland
Nate Simmons
Published on November 29, 2023

Garland is setting the stage for its next big artistic attraction—the downtown area is on the brink of being dazzled by a brand-new mural, and local artists are being summoned to bring their paintbrushes and palettes. The city revealed the juicy details of the $28,500 project destined for 625 W. State Street's western façade, as reported by the City of Garland.

The call for artists is discerning; only those who can promise a slogan of durability, with the mural standing unblemished and maintenance-free for at least 15 years, need to apply. The chosen artist will have to craft a site-specific piece that not only adds flair to Garland's aesthetic but stands the test of time, shielded from the hands of decay. The specifications are as tight as a drum; the mural must not only look the part but also withstand the elements with noble stoicism.

With a submission deadline of December 4 for qualifications, it's a mad dash to consultation and creation. Applicants must furnish a resume and a portfolio boasting prior masterpieces, along with a painstakingly detailed narrative of their intended masterpiece. From the way they’d prep the site to their visionary conceptual narrative, every sweeping stroke of imagination must be accounted for.

Stepping into the shoes of a financial planner, the artist must also map out how all materials, be they preparation and cleaning agents or the paint that will kiss the canvas of the wall, will come together within the allotted budget—and that’s not just chump change. Capped at $28,500, the lucky artist will flex their fiscal finesse, rolling design fees, material costs, travel expenses, and even commercial liability insurance all into one neat package. They're to cast their vision across a painted brick canvas, measured at a prodigious 50’ by 13’ and 50’ by 16’. The site itself peers over a bustling public parking lot, demanding a design that's as considerate as it is captivating.

Finalists, selected by a discerning committee, will have their moment in the sun on December 6, receiving a crisp $250 for their trouble in drafting conceptual renderings. Artists are poised on the cusp of starting their masterwork on January 2, painting furiously through February, giving life to the mural that Garland didn’t know it needed.

Shine up that portfolio and shoot your shot by emailing Letecia McNatt at [email protected], or for those who prefer the buzz of a live conversation, ring or text 469-628-0680, per the City of Garland.