Infamous Fugitive Adan Urenda Tops Most Wanted, Cops Crowdsourcing Capture

Infamous Fugitive Adan Urenda Tops Most Wanted, Cops Crowdsourcing CaptureSource: Gilroy Police Department
Tony Ng
Published on November 29, 2023

In a recent message spread on social media, the Gilroy Police Department urgently called for help in finding a fugitive named Adan Urenda, now on the city's most wanted list. The police shared his name and picture on Instagram, asking the community to keep an eye out and share any information they might have as the search for him intensifies.

The police are urging anyone with even the smallest hint about where he might be to come forward. They emphasize that all information provided will be kept 100% confidential, promising anonymity to those who might hold crucial details about Urenda's whereabouts. It's a call for truth and a plea for community collaboration in the pursuit of safety and order.

While the specific charges against Urenda remain undisclosed, the city remains on edge, waiting to see if the next knock on the door will disrupt their calm lives or bring an end to Urenda's evasion of justice. As sightings go unconfirmed and the pursuit continues, the public is asked to be a valuable ally in this legal challenge.

Anyone with leads can contact the Gilroy Police Department directly via phone or anonymously reach out through the official direct messages on the department's social media.