Richmond Rocked by Spree of Shootings and Crimes During Thanksgiving Week

Richmond Rocked by Spree of Shootings and Crimes During Thanksgiving WeekSource: Richmond Police Department
Tony Ng
Published on November 29, 2023

Richmond's streets have seen a surge in crime, from illegal firearms to a tragic shooting, as outlined in a recent report by the Richmond Police Department. The city's police have been working hard to respond to these serious incidents, trying to defend against a rise in illegal activities that have raised concerns in the community.

The week started with the discovery of a lost and shivering juvenile at the intersection of Cutting Blvd. and 19th St. The child, from a nearby town, was safely taken home. Meanwhile, on 23rd St. and Barrett Ave., another suspect was promptly arrested for carrying a concealed and loaded firearm. Additionally, a commercial burglary at the 900 block of 23rd St. led to a high-speed suspect getaway, leaving officers in pursuit.

Midweek, tragedy struck when ShotSpotter detected gunfire on the 600 block of 37th St. Despite the best efforts of Richmond's finest, the victim succumbed to the gunshot.

On Thanksgiving Day, officers rushed to 6th St. in response to a ShotSpotter activation, which turned out to be just nine rounds with no signs of damage or distress. Richmond officers faced various challenges, including cases of stolen property and illegal weapons. The crime wave reached its peak with bold suspects involved in a carjacking at the 1700 block of Esmond Ave, displaying ill intentions along with a firearm.

Although the stolen vehicle was later recovered, the incident showcased swift aggression and fear on the streets. On the night of November 25, two more suspects were apprehended.