San Diego Pumps $15.4M into Affordable Housing Dreams

San Diego Pumps $15.4M into Affordable Housing DreamsSource: City of San Diego
Ben J. Costas
Published on November 28, 2023

In a sweeping move to combat the housing crisis head-on, San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria has greenlit a much-needed cash injection totaling $15.4 million towards affordable housing projects. This hefty sum is earmarked for the city's Bridge to Home initiative, which has been paving the way for faster construction of living spaces for those most in need. According to an announcement on the City's official website, this funding boost is set to erect 400 new affordable homes across various neighborhoods.

But it doesn't stop there; nearly a quarter of these homes are designated as permanent supportive housing, dedicated to San Diegans struggling with homelessness. In a bold statement obtained by the City of San Diego, Mayor Gloria proclaimed, “With our innovative Bridge to Home program, the City is investing directly in affordable housing projects to address homelessness and provide homes that low-income individuals, families, and seniors can afford.” This latest round of funding is part of the Mayor’s comprehensive approach to spawning more affordable homes citywide.

Noteworthy among the five selected projects is Hillcrest Hall, which envisions 97 affordable family homes with 10 slated for supportive services, gaining a recommendation for a cool $3.175 million. Hot on its heels, Humble Heart in City Heights is looking to construct 72 homes, with 33 earmarked for those needing additional support, and has recommended a $1.23 million slice of the pie. It’s clear, the city administration is determined to lay the foundations for a better future.

An intriguing aspect of these fresh developments is the Palm City Transit Village, which comes with a weighty recommendation of $6.23 million for its 78-home setup. Meanwhile, Rose Creek Village aims to introduce 59 single-room occupancy units in Pacific Beach, backed by a $4 million nod, and the Terrasini Senior Apartments in Clairemont is poised to cater to the senior community with 94 homes, along with supportive housing options, with an award recommendation of $825,000.