Marion, Illinois's Williamson County Courthouse Set to Finalize 31 Adoptions on National Adoption Day

Marion, Illinois's Williamson County Courthouse Set to Finalize 31 Adoptions on National Adoption DaySource: Google Street View
Richard M. Sullivan
Published on November 15, 2023

This Friday, November 17, the Williamson County Courthouse in Marion, Illinois, anticipates the finalization of 31 children's adoptions during a National Adoption Day event. Based on an Illinois press release, several other courthouses nationwide intend to join, focusing on raising public awareness of 115,000 foster children awaiting adoptive families.

National Adoption Day is annually commemorated on the Saturday before Thanksgiving since 2000. The event promotes collective synchronization among courts, attorneys, adoption professionals, child welfare agencies, advocates, and policymakers to finalize adoptions and facilitate the creation of adoptive families. Over its 23-year existence, National Adoption Day campaigns have led to over 75,000 children transitioning from foster care into forever homes, as stated on the official website.

The Williamson County Courthouse event will have pivotal involvement from Circuit Court Judge Amanda Byassee Gott and Wendy Ingersoll, the DCFS Regional Administrator in the Southern Region. Coordinating with partner organizations, including the Children's Home & Aid Society of Illinois, Caritas Family Solutions, The Restore Network, Lutheran Social Services and Lutheran Child and Family Services of Illinois, they'll aim to address the needs of 31 foster children.

Established in 1964,, the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) ensures the protection of children from abuse or neglect. The DCFS primarily targets child safety, reinforcing and supporting families with requisite services. If circumstances demand, the department rescues children from hazardous environments, aiming to reunify them with their families. If this doesn't serve the child's best interests, DCFS explores alternative arrangements like adoption, ensuring a safe, permanent home for the child.

The planned adoption event at Williamson County Courthouse provides a reason to celebrate. Simultaneously, it underscores the fact that 115,000 U.S. foster children still need adoptive families. While National Adoption Day's efforts have a positive impact, considerable work remains in easing these young people's transitions to homes.

With the increasing participation of various cities and courthouses in National Adoption Day events, the future for adoption and foster care awareness is optimistic. Campaigns like these shed light on the hardships faced by foster children and the profound impact of stable, loving adoptive homes.

Appreciation should extend to organizations like the DCFS and numerous private agency partners. Their relentless dedication makes National Adoption Day celebrations feasible and supports their mission to positively transform foster children's lives.

To learn more about National Adoption Day and its objectives, visit Also, consider participating in or supporting the local events in your community.