Nightmare on 680, San Jose Sleuths Snatch Suspected Carjack Kidnapper

Nightmare on 680, San Jose Sleuths Snatch Suspected Carjack KidnapperSource: San Jose Police Department
Nina Singh-Hudson
Published on November 29, 2023

In a brazen episode of crime that rattled a San Jose community, police made headway in a case involving carjacking, kidnapping, and robbery after doggedly investigating the June incident that left a local resident shaken. The San Jose Police Department (SJPD) disclosed that they arrested 27-year-old San José resident Leie Pomele on November 16, pinpointing him as the suspect behind these heinous acts, as confirmed in a statement released by the department.

The ordeal began in the dark hours, around midnight on June 17, when the victim, whose identity remains protected, was threatened and subsequently kidnapped at knifepoint. The perpetrator demanded the victim's possessions, subsequently commandeering the vehicle to Highway 680 near Livermore, where he proceeded to harshly order the victim to exit before speeding away. It took investigators months to meticulously piece together evidence, but they managed to not just resolve the case but also retrieve the stolen items.

Robbery detectives, after a comprehensive follow-up investigation, identified Pomele as the primary suspect responsible for the terrifying incident. Information released by the SJPD detailed how detectives obtained an arrest warrant for Pomele and a search warrant for his residence. The SJPD Covert Response Unit (CRU) arrested Pomele without incident.

According to Officer Steve Aponte's recounting of the events, during a search of Pomele's home, the detectives located evidence tightly linked to the crime and were able to recover and return the stolen items to their rightful owners. Celebrated for the arrest, Pomele was officially booked on his warrant, facing the charges of carjacking, kidnapping, and robbery. 

Anyone with further information about this case or similar incidents should promptly reach out to Detective Hernandez of the San Jose Police Robbery Unit. Tipsters who prefer to stay anonymous can use the P3TIPS mobile app or call the tip line, ensuring their voice is heard without revealing their identity. The Silicon Valley Crime Stoppers Program offers rewards for tips leading to an arrest.