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Published on November 28, 2023
Gluten-Free Pints and Purpose Flow at SF's New North Beach TaproomSource: Otherwise Brewing

Otherwise Brewing, a homegrown gluten-free beer craft, has snagged the storied location of Church Key at 1402 Grant Avenue and is poised to pour its first pints in its very own taproom by early January 2024. SF Eater reported on Stellar Cassidy, co-founder of Otherwise Brewing and a seasoned tavern manager, who's gearing up to serve the neighborhood that she's been a part of for over a decade.

After managing Church Key for 12 years, Cassidy, with an unwavering loyalty to the North Beach enclave, grabbed the opportunity to transform the space into a haven for gluten-intolerant tipplers and beer aficionados alike. "I’ve lived here for 15 years and had the pleasure to serve it for 12. Now it’s going to be with a more focused purpose," Cassidy told SF Eater. And with the enthusiasm swelling, the opening might just capitalize on the holiday cheer.

Otherwise, Brewing is laying out the barrels with their signature concoctions, like the Guava Fresca kettle sour and the Hella Nibs dessert stout. Cassidy and co-founder Aaron Gervais are not just fermenting brews, but are fermenting a movement—gluten-free brewing that strikes an innovative flavor and eco-friendly chord, utilizing grains with a smaller carbon footprint like rice, millet, and oats. Partnering with Wholesome Bakery, the taproom is set to offer gluten-free food pairings that promise as much sizzle as the brews themselves, Cassidy revealed in their interview.

Firing up the distribution engines, Otherwise Brewing has its gluten-free wine flowing through over 400 retail veins across the California coast, with a laser focus on quality. "The vision is to become a brand that people associate with high-quality gluten-free beer," Gervais elucidated, sharing their ambition with SF Eater.