Oak Park Steps Up as Village Shelters 100+ Migrants During Chicagoland Cold Snap

Oak Park Steps Up as Village Shelters 100+ Migrants During Chicagoland Cold SnapSource: Village of Oak Park
Richard M. Sullivan
Published on November 02, 2023

In a swift and supportive action, the Village of Oak Park offered shelter assistance to over 100 migrants during the severe cold snap in the Chicagoland area. According to the Chicago Tribune, these migrants had been staying in tents outside the 15th District Chicago Police Department station, where the falling temperatures posed a significant risk to their safety and health.

Village Manager, Kevin J. Jackson, activated Oak Park's Emergency Operations Center (EOC) in response to urging local residents to lend aid to the ill-prepared migrants suffering under the harshness of Chicago's winter fortuitously.

A call to the Oak Park Police Department from a concerned volunteer triggered the initiation of the shelter operation. Based on the police station lobby's limited capacity, officials instituted an emergency plan to house migrants temporarily at a local church and an undisclosed shelter, per Oak Park.

A sum total of 102 migrants—including men, women, and children—found accommodation in various sheltered places. Originally from Venezuela, these individuals had journeyed across the U.S.-Mexico border and were subsequently transported from Texas to Chicago.

Credited to the large success of Oak Park's humanitarian effort, officials are currently constructing a larger emergency response plan, as reported by the Chicago Tribune. However, these are merely provisional.

Generous donations from individuals and organizations have brought much-needed winter supplies, although the village spokesman clarified that no further contributions are required at this time.