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Fort Worth's 'Bark Bus' Ferrying Fidos to New Frontiers Amid Shelter Squeeze

Fort Worth's 'Bark Bus' Ferrying Fidos to New Frontiers Amid Shelter SqueezeSource: City of Fort Worth
Sofia Vasquez
Published on November 30, 2023

In an inspired effort to directly tackle the dire straits, the Fort Worth shelter has initiated a transport program to easily relocate dogs from their overburdened facility to others that have the space and means to rehome them. "We do monthly trips to the Pacific Northwest and to New England with dogs from our shelter," Brittany Parker, senior code compliance officer-outbound, said, according to the City of Fort Worth.

The operation is a heartwarming spectacle of supply and demand, where volunteers shepherd pets from Fort Worth to areas less afflicted by overpopulation. Those 34 dogs on the November 13 transport to Oregon, Parker highlighted, included nine that were plucked from the dreaded Code Red list, underscoring the life-or-death stakes of these migrations, per the City of Fort Worth.

Before boarding the bus to prospective homes, these canine passengers are required to be fostered for a minimum of two weeks to ensure they're healthy enough to pass the strict interstate health certificate exam. Parker emphasized the critical role of foster caretakers: "When these pups go into foster homes, that opens up kennels for incoming dogs at the shelter. And that saves even more lives", as per the City of Fort Worth.

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