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Published on November 14, 2023
Riverside County Man Injured in Gunpoint Robbery Over PlayStation 5 Sale on OfferUp AppSource: Google Street View

In Riverside County, California, a man suffered injuries after a robbery at gunpoint. The man had listed his PlayStation 5 gaming console for sale on the mobile app OfferUp, a digital marketplace for local communities according to the Riverside County Sheriff press release.

Last Sunday, the victim arranged a meet-up with a potential buyer in a nearby residential area. The suspect, together with two friends in black outfits, demanded the game console quickly turn hostile. They robbed the console and assaulted the man with the gun they had used for intimidation. The victim suffered minor injuries.

The suspects, all adult men decked in black outfits and ski masks, are still at large as of yet. The authorities have encouraged residents to assist with any potential leads.

In response to the incident, the Riverside County Sheriff's Office reminds residents of the Safe Swap Zone. Installed in the Moreno Valley Sheriff’s Station parking lot, the area serves as a safer meeting spot for online transactions and is equipped with surveillance cameras.