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Published on November 21, 2023
San Rafael Knife-Wielding Suspect Tasered, Arrested for Felony ChargesSource: San Rafael Police Department

In the recent incident in San Rafael, on November 18, 21-year-old Israel Alonzo Taperia allegedly wielded a 12-inch kitchen knife in an attempted mugging. Taperia was apprehended and charged with multiple felony charges, including attempted robbery and assault with a deadly weapon, as confirmed by the San Rafael Police Department.

The officers used a Taser device to subdue him, and no one was physically injured during the encounter.

The de-escalation tactics employed by the officers played a crucial role in this outcome. The San Rafael Police Department described Taperia's refusal to cooperate with their commands and his attempt to flee while armed. The decision to use a nonlethal weapon--the Taser--was influenced by the threat he presented and the prioritization of his safety.