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Published on November 28, 2023
Suspects at Large in Industry After Vicious Purse Snatching Drags Shopper 50 Feet in Costco Parking LotSource: Google Street View

A woman was left hospitalized after she was dragged behind an SUV for almost 50 feet in a harrowing purse-snatching episode at a Costco parking lot in Industry, authorities said. The brutal incident unfolded on Sunday evening, November 26, as the 37-year-old victim, who remains unnamed, was unloading her shopping cart into her car.

Two suspects, yet to be apprehended, approached the woman around 6:40 p.m., sparking fear and a desperate tussle. One assailant tried to seize her purse, but the woman's grim determination to hang onto her belongings led to her being dragged behind a dark-colored Infiniti QX60, as CBS Los Angeles reports. "When our victim realized these individuals were taking her purse she tried to stop them [and] grabbed her purse," Detective Miguel Meza detailed, "That's when the vehicle sped off and dragged our victim 40 to 50 feet on the ground."

According to the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, the suspects chose an area of the parking lot veiled by darkness, complicating efforts to identify them from security footage, as noted by NBC Los Angeles in a report. Local residents, like Bruno DeSoto, lament the chilling transformation that has gripped their once-peaceful neighborhood. "It used to be a very, very peaceful area," said Desoto.

The harrowing ordeal, which took place in the 17500 block of Castleton Street, left the victim with a head injury, though she is expected to survive this traumatic event.