Smokin’ Hot Expansion of Salt Lick BBQ Sizzles with New Fredericksburg Outpost Coming in 2025

Smokin’ Hot Expansion of Salt Lick BBQ Sizzles with New Fredericksburg Outpost Coming in 2025Source: Facebook/The Salt Lick
Natalie Petrovich
Published on November 30, 2023

Big news for Texas BBQ aficionados, the legendary Salt Lick BBQ is about to beef up its presence with a savory new spot in Fredericksburg, set to open its doors by the end of 2025. Carnivores can start fantasizing about digging into their famed brisket and signature vinegar-based sauce without the drive to Driftwood, according to Eater Austin.

Already a magnet for meat lovers at its Driftwood mothership and the Round Rock replica, the Salt Lick's appetite for expansion doesn't end with just another BBQ sanctuary, they're also bringing a swig of sophistication with the Salt Lick Cellars wine tasting room and as if that’s not enough, the smokehouse savant and owner, Scott Roberts is teasing a mysterious new concept, details as elusive as a perfect smoke ring in a statement obtained by Eater Austin.

The new joint will sprawl over 9,000 square feet within The Sycamore, a luxe 117-acre development that promises to be a hotspot with its medley of shops and restaurants, all arrayed around a central promenade dubbed The Ellipse, as stated in CultureMap Austin.

We're talking a veritable feast for the senses, folks, not only will there be hats, boots, and the finest Texan jewelry on offer the founding flamekeeper Scott Roberts couldn’t contain his excitement, declaring, "We could not think of a better place to plant our roots than in Fredericksburg, we have found the perfect partner in The Sycamore and can’t wait to see the whole project come to fruition," in a fervent nod to the future shared with CultureMap Austin.