Suspected Car Thief's Wet and Wild 26-Mile Police Chase from Rio Vista

Suspected Car Thief's Wet and Wild 26-Mile Police Chase from Rio VistaSource: Rio Vista Police Department
Nina Singh-Hudson
Published on November 29, 2023

In Northern California today, the Rio Vista police chased a suspected car thief for 26 miles that ended in Vallejo. It all started just after midnight when the patrol team got an alert about a stolen blue Ford Explorer, per the Rio Vista Police Department.

The officers found the stolen car in a Chevron parking lot, flashing their lights, trying to block the thief—a 26-year-old man from Napa. But this suspect wasn't going down without a fight. In a move straight out of an action movie, he skillfully maneuvered his way out of the police trap and sped off down Highway 12. The chase got intense, with the car reaching speeds close to 90 mph, ignoring the speed limits posted for 35 mph zones.

The pursuit faced some challenges. As the suspect reached Suisun City, rain started pouring down, making the roads slippery and visibility poor. But that didn't stop the determined suspect. Even with only one tire and three bare rims left on the stolen Explorer, he pushed it to a reckless 75 mph, according to the RVPD's report.

However, near the Hunter Hill rest area in Vallejo, law enforcement officials used spike strips to shred the car's tires. The California Highway Patrol took over after the officers had to stop the chase due to bad weather and construction. The suspect, now facing a bunch of charges, including possession of a stolen vehicle and evading the police, also has felony warrants from Napa, Merced, and Santa Clara counties.