Swell of Bacteria, LA County Waves Off Swimmers at Popular Beaches

Swell of Bacteria, LA County Waves Off Swimmers at Popular BeachesSource: Facebook/Los Angeles County Department of Public Health
Juliette Kessler
Published on November 29, 2023

LA County Public Health honchos have slapped a big warning on some of the most popular sandy stretches. Surfers and sunbathers, watch out—it's not just the rays that could be harmful at these spots. According to an official release surfacing from the department, high bacterial levels have made the sea a no-go zone for those looking to dive into the Pacific at several Los Angeles County beaches.

You'd better stick to the sandcastle business at the notorious Leo Carrillo State Beach, Puerco Beach, and the tot-favorite Mothers Beach. The health department's telling you to skip swimming, surfing, and playing in these waters, specifically calling out areas near restrooms, storm drains, and public access. They've found bacteria in these waters that have exceeded health standards since the last test run. 

But, hey, it's not all gloomy skies. There's a silver lining for the Bluff Cove enthusiasts in Palos Verdes Estates—it's all clear now! Imagine that; the recent samples at this beach now meet those finicky state standards. So, if you're itching for a dip or a paddle, pivot your plans to Palos. Just make sure you check the county's beach condition hotline, a 24-hour service that guides your beach day decisions.