Thanksgiving Horror, OC Mom Charged with Drowning Wheelchair-Bound Daughter as Nation Feasted

Thanksgiving Horror, OC Mom Charged with Drowning Wheelchair-Bound Daughter as Nation FeastedSource: Google Street View
Juliette Kessler
Published on November 29, 2023

A Westminster mother has been charged with the chilling murder of her disabled daughter, found lifelessly submerged in their home's bathtub. Khadiyjah Aliyyah Pendergraph, 32, is accused of the unfathomable act of drowning her 9-year-old daughter, who was confined to a wheelchair and lacked the ability to voice her terror. The girl’s body lay undiscovered for days.

Authorities had to forcibly break into the Goldenwest St. residence last Friday to uncover the harrowing sight, as per reports obtained by Hoodline. Westminster Police Department, moved by a distressing call from the girl’s father, engaged to fully investigate the macabre crime scene. With the alleged perpetrator taken into custody at an Aliso Viejo shopping mall, the community reels from the horror that unfolded behind closed doors.

"While families across America sat down to Thanksgiving dinner with their loved ones, this little disabled girl’s lifeless body was left to rot in a bathtub after being drowned by her own mother," Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer lamented on the press release.

Westminster Police Chief Darin Lenyi expressed the collective mourning permeating through the ranks of law enforcement, stating to Hoodline, "While police officers are exposed to tragedies on a daily basis, this murder is particularly disturbing due to the senseless loss of a child allegedly at the hands of her own mother." The sorrow suffuses even deeper upon understanding the victim, named Victoria, could not even scream out for the rescue that would never arrive.

Pendergraph, who faces a maximum sentence of 25 years to life if convicted, finds herself at the center of a legal storm that will endeavor to decipher and deliver justice amid the echoes of a crime that has forever torn apart the fabric of innocence. As the investigation continues, authorities are calling on anyone with additional information to come forward, with the Westminster Police Department extending an invitation for insider knowledge to Detective Marcela Lopez, as they also accept anonymous tips through Orange County Crime Stoppers.